luckily Finn has one of his best buds, Ace there for him to distill some wisdom.  (if you’ve followed Finn comics in the past, you might know that is not the usual!)  in this case, i’ve been learning over the past couple years that sometimes just being in the moment is where happiness lies.  i’ve read some articles saying how if we’re always looking forward to the next thing (i.e. the next relationship, the next big trip, the next milestone in school or life, etc.), we’re putting all of our happiness into that thing.  if it doesn’t work out, then we’re left unhappy.  whereas if we can live in this exact moment and be happy where’re at with what we have, then that’s a level of happiness we can get right now, any time.


now that i’m posting all these comic strips, i didn’t realize how serious they are!  hopefully the artwork and perspective is enough to make your eyeballs happy.  with this comic strip, the challenge was definitely in using perspective lines correctly since we’re at an angle.  i purposefully made it darker around the edge to create a bit of tunnel vision, to focus the reader in on the conversation.  i wanted to create an atmosphere of deep thoughts and the perspective a bit higher, as if the reader is an eye witness (observer) to this private moment.