it occurs to me there are many ways to achieve happiness.  stated another way, i believe there are multiple ways to feed our lives until we get fulfillment.  one such way is through bonding with others.  in this specific case, Finn is out with the guys and seeking a bit of adrenaline.  i read a book a long time by John Eldredge called Wild at Heart that speaks to this concept, that of gaining “spiritual” fulfillment by hanging out with other people and learning from each other.  and now that i’m thinking of it, i’m curious how many different ways do i find happiness and which of those are the largest contributors.


for this comic strip, i want a mood of fun adventurism.  so i intentionally exaggerate where i can, have the images burst out of the panels, and throw in a couple interesting angles to really pit the audience in the middle of the action.  one of the basics of cartooning or comic books is to pre-plan out the balloon captions, because you have to allot room for them or suffer the fact that it may cover up pertinent artwork.  i had to do some finagling to make it work for this comic strip (and it gets worse in later comic strips)!