having survived the first 10 days, i found myself at this point getting more and more complex.  originally, i was aiming for short 15-30 minutes ink sketches.  these were now turning into a full hour to do!

below are the pieces from Day 11 through 15.  on Day 13, i was determined to do a close-up face shot, to further practice my shading skills.  with this piece, i also learned a bit about negative space, or white space, and the power of it.  not everything deserves a line.  sometimes, having it blank says more.  further, i think i’ve been working on my right side of the brain to truly capture what is seen, and not draw what i know should be there.  so, for Day 13, i really wanted to capture the shine from his black rim glasses.

on Day 14, i decided i would shift over to females for awhile.  this would prove to be actually more challenging.  how do i capture enough facial details without making them look old!  i’ve read how every single additional line you draw on a female’s face is like adding 10 years to her age!  so, with Day 14 and Gweneth Paltrow, i found a piece that i can focus on her neck and shoulders!

finally, on Day 15, i tackled Katy Perry and her shiny hair.  using Copic markers, the goal with this piece was to get that shine in her hair, again using white space.


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