it’s been two years since i’ve made a new Finn comic.  last we left Finn, he was in a good place with his life and his friends but time has passed and he’s back to his worrisome ways.  with this story arc, Finn deals with what a lot of people deal with – feeling lonely.  i think, as we get older, this fear of being alone only gets worse, depending on your personality and your support structure.  also, whoever thought that we would be the one suffering from whatever.  usually bad stuff happen to other people and we’re watching it or reading about them.  what do you do when you realize you’re the one suffering?  Finn decides to deal with it by going out into the wilderness.


with this being the first comic strip in the story arc, i needed to establish the setting rather quickly in a small amount of space.  i decided to use a bird’s eye view and zoom in on the main character.  i wanted to establish a sense of mystery and detachment from the comic strip at first, hence the above angle.  but by the last panel, i wanted you there with Finn, hence the more straight on shot.