are there shortcuts in life? are there life hacks that can dramatically increase the happiness in our life?  i don’t know but i sure pay attention to them in hopes that one of the hacks will help me because let’s admit it – if there was a shortcut to happiness, a lot of people would take it.  then there are those wise philosophers, Ralph Waldo Emerson, who tell us, ‘Life is a journey, not a destination.’  Emerson and others trying to tell us that within us is the ability to be happy.  unfortunately, that probably takes a lot of time and being honest with who we are.  what’s your opinion on this transcendent philosophy?  or does it sound too much like Calvin & Hobbes’s dad where everything (including bed bugs) builds character.


for this strip, i wanted to build up the excitement and adventure.  i wanted the comic strip to induce fast motion and danger, hence i did away with panels and created a continuous strip, which is easily done via the web format (unlike print).  i found it challenging to use natural nature borders to replace the normal panels and show the passage of time.  although, i think i failed at the end to show a small cliff edge in which the girl falls off.  i ran out of space on my page and, well, she abruptly falls.