i’ve had moments that were pretty dark, filled with feelings of despair and unable to get out of a moment.  i don’t know what happens chemically in our brains, but as bad as it feels, i actually want to stay there and wallow.  why do we like to inflict that pain on ourselves?  what i write next is not intended to minimize those dark moments.  i do observe that pain is relative – relative to the life experiences and what we perceive to be unsurmountable.  given the context of the pain around the world, well, it seems there is a lot humanity is able to deal with.


in this comic strip, i’d first like to give a shoutout to my comic strip inspiration – Calvin & Hobbes.  Bill Watterson, i believe, pioneered the comic strips that have different panel outlines and using that difference to better story-tell.  in this comic strip, i’m obviously trying to relate this physical problem to life problems.