people love to see vulnerability.  here we see Finn mad at himself, realizing that he’s gotten into this mess because he’s been trying to find fulfillment in other ways.  in this case, by seeking an adrenaline rush or some sort of excitement to compensate for his insecurity.  during the moment when Finn’s realizing this truth, i imagine the world gets dark and cold again.  it’s unpleasant, and that’s why Finn or anyone would want to avoid it by filling it in with other things.  but luckily, Finn has someone and he doesn’t need to escape.


with this strip, my goal was to create a sense of darkness and despair.  i wanted the audience to create an emotional connection with Finn.  i’m pretty lazy with background art but i felt this comic strip needed the added lines to just make it busier and darker.  i also didn’t want the panel outlines to break any emotions so i did away with them again.  finally, to convey all the emotions from both characters, i really concentrated on hand movements cause i really believe so much gets conveyed through our bodies.