i’m starting to believe some people are just happier while others are just negative.  i would tend to think our upbringing, the way we were raised and our life experiences, has shaped us into who we are today.  but i also think there’s something more to it.  there are those who have had a horrible past but still manage to have a positive outlook on life.  luckily i don’t feel like i struggle too much with negativity and i wonder why i’ve been so lucky to have a happier mindset.  maybe it’s a privileged opinion that i have since i do admit i have it good, but maybe the world would be in a better place if we could be all be delusionally optimistic.


when it comes to the artwork for this comic strip, i wanted to showcase a beautiful backdrop.  i was trying to say that life is beautiful and it’s all around us.  the emotional backdrop i wanted to created was contemplative with a hint of sadness.  it feels like sometimes we do our best thinking when we’re away from our usual environment with some new stimuli.  for the clouds, i had to look up some new techniques which i think worked out pretty well.