Finn finally makes it out of the woods and back safely!  after a few comic strips of pretty serious topics, we get a respite with Finn’s friends.  depending on if you’re an extrovert or introvert, that may be a good thing or not.  either way, having some family or friends that support has got to be a good thing.


drawing structures and building are also not my strong suit.  architecture drawing requires perspective and some imagination, but i often fail at being creative enough.  i am proud of some of the body postures in this comic strip, as i think it adequately conveys the distress and fatigue from the hike.  since i’ve finished all 10 comic strips for this mini-story, i can look back on my artwork and notice the inconsistencies, such as when i add more shading or not.  that’s what i get for taking 12 months to draw 10 comic strips!