i know in this particular strip, it’s the woman who has the baggage, but i definitely mean that both men and women carry their fair share of baggage. so, what is baggage, in regards to the dating environment?  i think baggage is any unresolved emotional impact that withholds someone from truly experiencing a relationship like they really want to.  now, perhaps remy is not behaving ideally by running away, but it is something to keep an eye out for, especially early in the relationship.  instead, perhaps remy should confront the baggage, get it to open up, and who knows, maybe everyone will come out stronger from it.

just finished Nevin Martell’s fantastic book, Looking for Calvin and Hobbes.  it’s basically a biography on Bill Watterson and his ‘revolutionary comic strip.’  in the course of reading the book, i got so many insights and inspiration that i’ll be undergoing a revamp of finn comics.  something i should not be afraid of doing is shaking up the comic strip in hopes of making it better.  so, hopefully over the next couple months, we’ll see some significant changes to finn and his world.  stay tuned!