some guys have no fear when it comes to approaching a girl.  i’m not talking about those guys here!  i’m talking about guys who have to dig deep to muster up the courage to approach a girl and risk the probability of rejection.  and i think that one word says it all – rejection.  it’s a powerful word with powerful emotions behind it.  so, for someone to take the chance of an approach, i applaud the effort.  of course, there’s always the flip side of the person who gets hit on.  the constant annoyance of being interupted and probably being interupted with horrible game!  not sure with side is better to be on.

pretty happy with the way this week’s strip turned out.  the background work of the earth-like planet and the glow into the black of space turned out alright.  and the red hot entry of the astronuat worked out alright too.  only downside was that it was dependant on photoshop magic.  i do prefer to do as much of the art storytelling via pencil as possible.  i also used a new tool, Copic markers.  i met Alvin Lee at a con last year and saw him doing amazing art with them.  apparently, i have a ways to go!