the feeling is undeniable.  you’ve built up the courage and you’re going in to hit on someone and hopefully leave successful, with perhaps a date or something.  you shoot, you dodge, you try all the maneuvers you’ve built up over the years.  but alas, it doesn’t work out and it’s just a downward spiral in confidence.  it may take some time but hopefully you leave the entire experience “stronger.”  (why do i sound like Calvin’s dad there, “it’ll build character.”)  also, that’s why we have good friends to support us when we’re down.

definitely something different with the artwork this week – the art is coming out of the page!  i definitely try not to overuse (or use much at all really) this technique because i’m afraid it might become a crutch.  i want to make sure it stays challenging to tell the story within the allotted area.  good friend gave me a great idea that if i had room for another panel, to draw owen falling from his spacebike with the camera angle from the bottom looking up.  would’ve made for a great shot i thought.