it’s so, so easy to fall into an equalist mode.  if you do it for me, THEN i’ll do it for you.  it’s only fair right?  hey, i totally agree!  but, for the sake of society and further it, i suggest we tweak that motto just a bit.  how about we take the first step forward and be the bigger person, at least once in awhile.  forget doing it all the time!  that’ll just lead to repeated disappointment.  instead, go for reciprocity with the occasionally bigger person sprinkled in.  i think that’ll lead to a happier society, and more importantly, a happier you.

ok, so, looking back, i don’t think i did enough with the panel to have the punchline make sense.  the joke was while Finn is at home wrestling with his conscious if he should invite Park out, Park has gone ahead to the movies without even thinking to invite Finn!  alas, i think i totally made you miss the boat on that one.