ok, here’s something about me.  i’m not very patient.  i really really try to be and i think i pass it off alright, but growing up, i realized i am quite impatient.  so, in my older age, i’ve learned to cope with it.  i do this by understanding who you are and then being able to expect.  what i mean is, if i know you’re late notoriously all the time, i can set my expectations, and then i won’t be let down.  and then i have people who i know are on time usually, and i can just appreciate that.  my point – learn to understand people and then you can set appropriate expectations.

so, starting this week, i’ve changed up my inking style, and party my drawing style too.  for the past several years, i’ve been using a Pentel brush pen, whcih is basically a brush that’ll change line thickness with pressure.  i had learned that line variation adds a lot of personality to the art.  but, i’ve noticed in some comic artist’s work that the character has this thick outline and then finer inks for the body details.  so, i’ll be trying this out for the next several weeks.  tell me what you think!