as much as i can, i try to get it from the ladies perspective too.  of course, i can only hypothesize so far.  what i can say though, from a guy’s perspective, is that yes, it does feel good to be noticed.  so, go ahead and take note of all those hours either in the gym or on the couch.  and i’m not going to pretend that as a guy, we don’t put some serious thought into which t-shirt to wear that gives the right amount of clashing with the rest of our outfit.  almost everything we do too, is meant to draw some sort of reaction.  so, if you like what you, go ahead and make it noticeable.  we thank you.

a bit of continuation from last week’s, i like how the two strips almost fit together.  the original thought for this was have the three girls running on a treadmill as the guy walks by, but got to thinking if all that extra background would help.  looking at this strip now, i think it actually might’ve.