i think we all agree that at the onset of a new relationship, it is super exciting and almost nothing can go wrong.  it’s only over time, as we relax into the relationship, that things start wearing on each other and the cracks start to show.  so yeah, finding a relationship is hard but i think it’s just as hard (prob more so) to just sustain it.  to sustain that excitement, that energy, and to be continuously interested.  so, what’s the key?  time for you to weight in with a comment below!

and how will things end up for Finn and Elle?  will their relationship survive this bump or is this a more fundamental issue?  you’re just gonna have to keep on reading to find out!  as for the art, it was a conscious decision to start with Finn a bit farther back, and then have the ‘camera’ get closer with each panel.  i think i was trying to draw in the reader into the mind of Finn.